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Car Accident Injury

Car accidents don’t have to total your vehicle to initiate pain in your head, neck, shoulders, back and low back. Often the impact is so quick and unexpected that the muscles don’t have time to offer much protection to the underlying ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. Consequently, immediately following a car accident the injured person may not feel much pain and the pain they do feel, they think or are told, will go away in a few days. How you feel has nothing to do with the amount of property damage done to the vehicles.

It is common to experience pain days, weeks and months after and accident. This is because the inflammation process evolves as injured muscles, bones, joints and nerves release the chemicals that irritate nerves. In our office we use nutritional formulas designed to reduce inflammation naturally as well as the Class IV K-laser. K-laser injects 4 different wave lengths of infrared light through the skin and deep into the injured muscles, nerves, bones, ligaments and joints. This light activates oxygen and enzymes inside injured connective tissue. There is a link to K-laser on this website or visit K-Laser

One reason chiropractic care is so beneficial to people with pain following a car accident is that trauma to joints leads to spasm of muscles that move joints. If the spasm does not resolve, it impairs efficient joint motion over time and reduced movement of a joint causes the synovial fluid inside the joint to change from being nice and slippery to nice and sticky, making the muscles work harder that usual to move a person through the activities of daily living.

It is just as important to know when NOT to perform spinal manipulation as it is to know when. As doctors experienced in treating people injured in automobile accidents, we call this case management. If you were injured in a car accident and you are considering seeking a chiropractor to help you overcome your pain, consult the doctors at Mueller Chiropractic first. With over thirty years of experience in treating people injured in car accidents and serving as expert witnesses in medico-legal cases, you are in good hands.

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