At the Tinlin Chiropractic Center you’ll encounter an integrated approach toward health and wellness. Since 1983 Dr. Mueller has committed to treat every person as the individual they are and only accept those people he believes he can help. He and Dr. Steve Tinlin offer a diverse therapeutic approach including spinal adjusting and rehabilitation, Rapid Release Technique, K-Laser Cube, Kennedy Decompression and the Lloyd Ultimate spinal mobilization and flexion distraction table. Both doctors are certified by the Food Enzyme Institute to evaluate and administer Chiro-zyme enzyme formulas and often incorporate lab testing to arrive at an accurate diagnosis prior to commencing care.

Rest assured that our doctors will listen to your health concerns intently and evaluate you thoroughly to determine if you are likely to benefit form their services. If they believe your condition would be better addressed in another office, they will assist you in finding a medical and/or complimentary-medical professional in the Louisville area.

Thank you in advance for the confidence you demonstrate through your patronage.

What We Believe

There’s more to health than not being sick. Being pain free is a great objective, but the presence or absence of pain is poor indicator of truly vibrant health. Health is a condition of wholeness whereby all bodily parts are present and functioning 100%. It is the sole purpose of the brain and nervous system to control and coordinate the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body and to adapt the body to it’s environment. Physical, chemical and emotional stresses beyond what the body can adapt to set the stage for disease and infirmity, with pain being the last symptom to show up and the first one to go away. We believe healing begins from within you, and use many time tested chiropractic methods to address and correct imbalances making you vulnerable to ill health.

We believe that the best thing we can do for you is to locate and eliminate as many issues that are interfering with your expression of health thereby creating the most conducive environment for your body to heal on its own.

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