Kennedy Decompression Technique
Dr. Steven Tinlin is certified in the Kennedy Decompression Technique. KDT is non-surgical, calibrated traction which is individually customized regarding how many pounds of traction to use, how long to hold the tension, how long to rest between holds, how to set the table angles and how to position the patient. This is not a one-size-fits-all therapy! KDT is a proven clinical option for those enduring acute or chronic pain due to disc dysfunction or vertebral joint degeneration, considering surgical decompression and even some chronic post-surgical cases.

Research to develop this procedure was conducted by prominent physicians, engineers and technicians at major teaching hospitals. The KDT table is the most advanced and versatile spinal decompression table providing patient comfort to attain optimal clinical outcomes.

Dr. Tinlin has used therapeutic lasers for over a decade and often applies the powerful K-Laser Cube infrared light beam to the lumbar spine while traction is being applied. The K-Laser is a Class IV FDA registered device which provides a deep, penetrating warmth which dilates blood vessels, accelerates oxygen exchange and pumps metabolic waste out of the area leading to relief and improved function. (Learn more about K-Laser on this website.)

The mechanical action of decompression and the thermal benefits of the laser therapy are also complimented by specific nutritional formulas to reduce inflammation, aid in joint remodeling and joint/disc re-hydration.

Once the neck or lower spine is more pliable, specific home exercises are recommended. This is how you get lasting benefit or “dividends” on the time, effort and money you invested in your recovery! (See exercise videos on this website)

Healing is not an event it is a process. As much as we love to help people make as full a recovery as possible, it is important to manage expectations. The standard of care for spinal decompression is 20 sessions. We have concluded there is no set number of sessions and results are extremely individualized and are dramatically influenced by taking the comprehensive approach we devised from clinical experience.

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Watch this short video on the Kennedy Decompression table.