You will always feel welcome at Tinlin Chiropractic!

When you first arrive there will be some brief paperwork to complete if you have not done so already.

On the first visit you’ll find our office comfortable and pleasant. If you complete the necessary forms prior to your arrival, you will have minimal wait time before meeting privately with one of our doctors.

Once our doctor has listened to your concerns and gathered the essential information to proceed with an evaluation, that doctor will decide how best to proceed in terms of “next steps.” You may be asked to have x-rays taken, blood drawn or the doctor may proceed to provide treatment or emergency first aide. If additional information is required to proceed, rest assured the doctor will explain the reasons why. If you have recent x-ray studies or lab test, please bring them. You may or may not be treated on the first visit: the doctor makes that decision.

When all of that is finished, our personal staff will coordinate a follow-up visit. Your first visit will last about one hour, assuming you are on time and your forms are completed.

If you are more than 10 minutes late or if you do not have the forms completed when you arrive and we get behind, the doctor may ask that you reschedule so no one feels rushed or substandard care is provided.

Take a look to see what to expect during your second visit.