Dr. Craig Mueller, Louisville Chiropractor

Louisville Chiropractor, Craig Mueller D.C.

Chiropractor Helped My Mother
My mother contracted polio in 1950 which severely damaged her right leg and caused her to walk with a limp. She also had several miscarriages before a friend recommended she consult a chiropractor to help her body function better. She did and her function improved; I was the last of her seven children.

My Chiropractic Experience
Continuing under chiropractic care after I was born, my mother toted me along when she received her regular adjustments. I cannot recall exactly how young I was when I received my first spinal adjustment, but I do recall being small enough for Dr. Richard Dunn to adjust me while lying across his lap! Throughout my life Dr. Dunn, and later Dr. Vic Rosenbaum, stressed spinal hygiene and provided me with regular assessments to determine if I needed spinal manipulation to allow my spine to function optimally and allow my body to heal itself.

Chiropractic “Fit”

While studying Biology at the University of Louisville in the late 1970’s, already a free-thinker and intrigued by the burgeoning subject of human nutrition and exercise science, a friend employed by a local chiropractor suggested that I channel my interests and intellect toward the chiropractic profession. When I explored the tenets of the still under-recognized profession, I both saw and “felt” the “fit” it had with the vision I had for my life. The concept that immediately registered was that the human body is a self-healing organism and that health was a dynamic process. Also, the founder of chiropractic wrote that, “life was the expression of tone…” and that physical, chemical and/or emotional stresses beyond our internal ability to cope or adapt resulted in neurological and hormonal reflexes between the brain and the body which disturbed the internal balance essential for optimum health expression, making the body fertile ground for disease and infirmity. Wow, that sounded perfectly logical!

Since I began my practice in 1983, my primary goal has been to find and eliminate what interference(s) prevented the person seeking my help from expressing and enjoying optimum health. My objective is to use my talents, experience and facility to assist the healing process while coaching and advising the individual on the possible path they took to compromised health and provide personalized ways to rehabilitate and prevent recurrences. My intention, then and now, is to empower my patients with treatment, instruction and information so they ultimately receive an enormous and lifetime “dividend” on the time, effort and money they “invest” in my care.

Dr. Craig Mueller

Chiropractic Education

After three years at U of L as a biology major, I was accepted at Life University in Atlanta and trained their for two academic years before transferring to and graduating from Logan University in St. Louis. The four year program followed the traditional western medical curriculum with less emphasis on surgical and pharmaceutical treatment plans and more on natural methods such as spinal manipulation, biochemistry, and physical rehabilitation.

Certifications and Accomplishments

When I returned to Louisville my more integrated and “holistic” approach to health beyond Chiropractic care being spinal manipulation for neck and back pain, was embraced immediately. Inspired by my reception and eager to be of more service I attended numerous post-graduate courses in spinal treatment, exercise rehabilitation and biochemistry/nutrition. In the first ten years I earned a Fellowship in Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, certification in advanced diagnostic imaging to operate fluoroscopic x-ray (moving x-ray) to assess spinal function and later a Board Certification in medical infrared imaging through the American Chiropractic Council on Diagnostic Imaging. During these certification programs courses on biochemistry and functional medicine were popping up around the country. My original vision of practice did not include taking samples of saliva, stool, urine and blood, but I couldn’t deny the value of the data such test offered. As my knowledge grew and my experience revealed patterns in human health I decided to write a patient education book entitled The New Chiropractic: The Human Frame, Diet, Exercise and the Prevention of Disease. Even though I wrote it twenty years ago, you can still find used copies on Amazon.

Notice that the title of my book did not include a facet of the healing process I recognized from the beginning  that I was unequipped to address but could not ignore, the Spiritual or meta-physical component to life and health. In my pursuit to better understand the role religion, rituals, prayer and meditation played throughout history and in the scientific arena, I completed a four year program through the University of the South at Suwanee and the Episcopal Church called Education for Ministry. When that program finished I applied for and completed a Masters of Arts in Spirituality offered as a joint program between Bellarmine University and The Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. While I do not offer pastoral counseling services, my experience tells me it is impossible to interact with another human being without acknowledging that there is more to the person than the flesh and bones I’m working on! And, I learned that prayer and meditation, regardless of any theistic or a-theistic system a person subscribes to, play a crucial role in human health and healing.

The New Chiropractic for a New You!

Now, after more than thirty years in this field, a few things are more obvious than ever and compel me to share them here for anyone wanting to know more about me and how I approach my craft.

First and foremost, the human body is still a self-healing organism and it can recover from some seriously depleted states if the stresses can be located and eliminated or reduced. I do not heal anything; I’m only the helper. The Healer is in you! Food is your best medicine. The food you put into your body as fuel has to be alive and nourishing. You live and die on the battlefield of your mind. The thoughts you put into your mind have to be predominately encouraging and hopeful. All processes in life require time and the healing process is no different! Pain is always the last symptom to show up and the first symptom to go away. The presence or absence of pain is a pitiful barometer as to whether you are healthy or sick. If all you want is pain relief, try the drug approach. If you want to get well, try my approach. Your health is your responsibility, not mine. My responsibility is to decide if you are in the right office and whether or not I can offer you a path to renewed health. If I can, I’ll tell you, if I can’t, I’ll tell you that too. Rehabilitation is an active process you must engage in, not a passive spectator sport. Regaining and maintaining your health is as important an investment as any contribution you’ll ever make to your retirement account. How you feel and function today is impacted by the accumulation of stresses in your life to this point. How you are going to feel and function in the years ahead is predicated on the habits and choices you make from this point forward, starting with the treatment and advice I’ll impart to you.

I call our first visit the SOS visit…..find the Source of Stress.  Prior to that meeting I ask you to receive, complete and return some forms electronically via email. With those in hand I’ll be able to direct my questions more specifically and have clues as to which organs and systems are stressing you prior to the actual examination.

On A Personal Note

My wife, Lynne, owns and operates Stella’s Resale Boutique in St. Matthews. She and I have two grown daughters living here in Louisville. Abigail owns and operates Abigail Academy as a Life Coach for adolescent and college bound girls. Christie Leigh works at Norton Health Care and is a business etiquette instructor, author of Gridiron Belles a Females Guide to Saturdays in Dixie. When I’m not working, traveling or teaching, I enjoy biking, fitness training, boating on a lake or the river and SEC football. I enjoy reading novels and I’ve actually written and published my first novel, Jackpot, which is available on Amazon.com.

Many people find it interesting to know that I have had back surgery. Well, I did in October of 2012 and it was NOT an elective procedure. The lower portion of my spine did not mature in my late teen years leaving the spinal canal narrow (spinal stenosis) Consequently, my movement became limited and my intervertebral discs were easily injured, compressing nerve roots and my spinal cord. Ultimately, a disc in my lower spinal column ruptured and sent the fragments scattered into the spinal canal where they lodged against the nerves and the cord making the use of my left leg impossible. I underwent microdiscectomy at the University of Louisville and the rest, as they say, is history.

My stenosis still exists but my cord was decompressed and I am back working limited hours and limited patient volume to help people both feel and function better.

Enough about me! How can we help you? Call our chiropractic office to get started soon.