Perfect Bar

Weight management is critical to curtail chronic degenerative diseases. For a large percentage of people overeating is the culprit. Many people look for pre-packaged foods and health bars are extremely popular. I have sampled many of these concoctions and can say my favorite is the Perfect Bar. I buy them at Costco and keep them refrigerated in my office. They are delicious, filling and devoid of refined sugars. Each bar averages 300 calories which helps me know where I am in my daily fuel supply. Without some guidelines or boundaries, it is extremely easy to overeat foods high in pro-inflammatory sugars and fats. Furthermore, sugars can spike and fall leaving you hungrier as the insulin spikes and falls. If you go to Costco to find these bars, know that they are in the refrigerated section and take a picture with you because their staff may not know they carry this product.

Although I do not prescribe diet plans, I have some very positive experience with colleagues using the Optavia program. If you are someone that needs a defined curriculum to learn about food, eating and weight management, investigate Optavia. If you decide you want to be coached by a professional, let me know and I’ll connect you with someone that can advise and guide you.