Respect Your Physician, But Also Respectfully Question Their Advice

From the case files of Dr. Mueller:

As a member of the medical community myself, I enjoy the respect of our culture which highly values medical professionals. In that capacity it is the patients right to question the rationale behind all my recommendations and it is my responsibility to base those recommendations on sound science when available, clinical experience and or basic common sense! The following case is becoming too commonplace in my practice to ignore any longer and I feel I am obliged to speak out to save lives.

One week ago yesterday, a 61 year old woman came to me for help with severe back and leg pain. Her x-rays revealed a significant change or “remodeling” in the bone composition on the lower right side, just above her pelvis, that looked like melted candle wax was bonding the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebra.

During our initial consultation she told me she had her first total knee replacement at age 55 and her second one early this year. She also mentioned she suffered a break to the bone in her foot for no known reason. And – she’s had 6 root canals. I only learned about the foot and the teeth when I asked her if she had a history of stomach issues. (Another case of a person being ruined by the over prescribing of Proton Pump Inhibitors Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec and the deaf ears of the prescribing doctor!) She told me she had acid reflux back in her early 20’s and was started on medications to curb the acid production. That process has continued with various medications over the past 40 years! This has occurred IN SPITE OF her inquiries to her primary care physician that she is having degenerative changes well established in the scientific literature. That research raised the question and in some studies concluded that these medications create osteoporosis.

Here is a link worth noting:

Following my examination I recommended three nutritional formulas to enhance digestion in her stomach and gallbladder. The stomach and gallbladder were instrumental in perpetuating spinal reflexes which immobilized her spinal segments and precipitated pain. When she returned yesterday she remarked that she had decided to stop her PPI’s and only took the supplementation with ZERO side effects and her bowels were working normally!

I would regard my conduct as irresponsible if I were to discourage any person to disregard the advice given by their health care professional. However, we live in a world where the patient has to be more informed and more aware of the impact of prescription drug abuse and alternatives.

I’ll keep you apprised of changes in this case and welcome questions or consultation regarding health issues you’d like an alternative perspective on.

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