Standing on back pain?

Steve Tinlin, D.C.

Every day I see all kinds of painful conditions that stem from many different causes. In my five short years as a chiropractor, I have been absolutely astounded as to how highly integrated the body is. When examining patients, I frequently find one seemingly miniscule injury that occurred in their younger years that ended up creating a massive ripple effect on their spine and entire body.

I live and breathe back pain. Over the course of treating numerous patients, I have started to see a very common trend; bad feet. The foot is the foundation of the entire skeletal system and it is the first link in the kinetic chain. We stand on them every day and use them to propel locomotion. What you may not realize is that if you have bad feet (i.e. flat feet – fallen arches, high arches, bunions, etc.) or old injuries to your feet and ankles, you may be negatively impacting the mechanics of your spine and indirectly contributing to your chronic, reoccurring pain. In order to address bad feet, we utilize the stellar and very comfortable orthotics of Aetrex Footwear.

We refer to the Aetrex orthotics as ‘ankle posts,’ not arch supports. This is because they do much more than just support the arches of the feet. They take it a step further by propping up the ankle to prevent further pronation (rolling-in) of the ankle. They also support the entire plantar vault which consists of the medial, lateral, and metatarsal arch of the foot.

To illustrate the game-changing abilities of these orthotics in combating pain, I would like to share a recent patient case and their testimonial:

“I was having severe, reoccurring low back pain. It was so bad that I couldn’t even stand or walk. I had to either sit or lay down. When the pain settled, I was able to stand up again and I bent slightly forward to blow out a candle. I immediately went back to the chair due to the pain and had to take 800 mg of ibuprofen. The pain kept coming back every couple of days and kept getting worse. I scheduled an appointment and to my surprise, was fitted with a pair of Aetrex orthotics as a solution to my problem. Soon after I placed the inserts in my shoes, I felt much more stable and immediately felt less stabbing pain in my low back. As each day went on, my low back pain was becoming less intense and much less frequent. There are many different brands of good shoes out there but they all seem to be missing that extra support. These orthotics provide just that. I went ahead and also bought a pair of Aetrex sandals for the summer months.”

Are you standing on your back pain? If you are interested in stabilizing your spine by stabilizing your feet, give us a call and we can get you fitted with your own pair today.