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I Have Remained Pain-Free For Over A Year

I highly recommended Dr Steve Tinlin to anyone seeking chiropractic care. I had an initial consultation with Dr Steve because of chronic back pain. (My friend at work recommended him.) After several office treatments and by adhering to his advice and recommendations I have remained pain-free for over a year. One of the best things about Dr Steve is that he listens carefully and formulates a treatment plan that is unique to you. And he will never ask you to come in more often than you and he feel is needed. He is honest and extremely knowledgeable. You can’t go wrong by choosing Dr Steve.

– Janet M.

Dr Steve Is Great to Work With

I highly recommend Tinlin Chiropractic for all of your chiropractic needs! I started seeing Dr Steve when I was experiencing pain in my lower back and hips. We had a pretty intense regimen at first to get it under control, but now I am in “maintenance mode” monthly to make sure everything behaves consistently. Scheduling and payment are so efficient, and Dr Steve is great to work with – thorough and detailed! You’ll be hooked too!

– Brittany A.

Flexibility And Range Of Motion Has Improved

Since I have been seen by the doctor of Tinlin Chiropractic, my flexibility and range has improved. I would recommend Tinlin Chiropractic to my friends.

– CJ

Able To Ride Horses Again

Chiropractic care has allowed me to ride horses again! Monthly adjustments help me to be (almost) free of head, neck, back and hip pain. Highly recommend Tinlin Chiropractic.

– LR

Good Doctor

Good doctor, takes his time with patients, thorough, always good to talk with and friendly.

– EA

Regained Strength And Energy

I have regained all my strength and energy, my elimination is working nicely, no tremors, feeling has returned to my legs, and my stomach is flat again. In short, I have my life back. I can’t express to you how fortunate I feel.

– Barb

Best Decision

Visiting Tinlin Chiropractic regularly is the single best decision I’ve made in the last year!  I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and more flexible than before my appointment.

– EK

True Results

True results in healing the whole body.

– KS

Better mind, better body

I am very impressed with the way Tinlin Chiropractic’s timely way of seeing me and my issues and not only the physical care I received but the emphasis on my mental health.  Better mind, better body.  We all have choices, we can be positive or negative in life.  Muller Chiropractic helped me decide to be positive.  Each and every staff member seems to carry this attitude everyday!

– SR

Skeptical about Chiro at first

I was very skeptical about going to a chiropractor, but the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders made me desperate! Dr Tinlin has helped me experience relief from my chronic pain. I am really relieved to have found someone so thorough and knowledgeable. I’ve been so impressed with my own relief that I now send my children to Dr Tinlin for preventative sports care. He Helps them so much hips, knees, shins and back pain due to sports and overuse. We always leave feeling relief and reset. Thank you Dr. Tinlin!
– KM

I met chiropractic care with skepticism

Originally, I met chiropractic care with skepticism and mild disbelief. I only turned to it when all other conventional methods had failed me. That skepticism and disbelief was immediately met with professionalism, understanding and kindness by Steve Tinlin. He helped to calm my apprehension and very quickly put me on a path to healing. Extremely knowledgeable about his methods and profession translated to me in a most caring way. I’ve recommended him and will continue to sing his praises to others. The quality and service are unmatched. You will not be sorry, in the least, that you’ve decided to give your business to him.

Patient for Over 6 years

I have been a patient of Dr. Tinlin for about 6 years. I have thoracic kyphosis so adjustments to my back can be painful if not made correctly. Dr. Tinlin is very aware of this and has figured out a method to give an adjustment and provide relief, while still being gentle with the area. Over the years I have had various spinal/neck pain that Dr. Tinlin was able to relieve quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Tinlin for your chiropractic care!
– LR

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