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A Runner in her own words

I first found out about Dr. Mueller in 2014, because, after a detailed Internet search, I discovered he had a high-intensity laser, and that meant I didn’t have to go to California to get treatment for my very painful left knee.

The reason I was willing to go anywhere to find relief is because I’m a runner. Running is one of the most important and defining things in my life and being able to continue to run is extremely important. (I have a plaque in my kitchen that says, “Running is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.” hmmm). When I was 38, I started to exercise and run for the first time in my life. Slowly, I changed from a couch potato to an athlete able to run long distances. I’ve run dozens of marathons, including 10 Boston Marathons, and even more half marathons. But it isn’t the competitions that I crave, it’s the ability to go out the front door and just run! It is a compelling, invigorating, spiritual experience for me. I’m 72 now and love running just as much as ever.

Now you know how important that first appointment with Dr. Mueller was for me. Imagine my surprise to find out that the laser wouldn’t be able to solve my problem, because the source of the problem was my gall bladder, not my knee. What???? Tests confirmed Dr. Mueller’s diagnosis, and enzymes in the form of pills solved the problem. I couldn’t have been more surprised or happier or more impressed with Dr. Mueller’s skill and ability. And . . . just in case, he had that fancy laser!

Over the years since those first visits, I’ve had many confounding; painful problems come up that have needed Dr. Mueller’s expert attention. It seems he’s had to deal with quite a few of my body parts, such as neck, upper back, middle back, low back, hip, knees, legs, and foot!!! With every weird and diverse problem, Dr. Mueller has been able to come up with a solution that has brought me back to health and running. I can’t tell you how much I value Dr. Mueller’s care and ability to diagnose and treat problems of all kinds. As a result, when something comes up, the first call I make is to Dr. Mueller.

– Sue W.

Retired Nurse Finds her Mojo at Mueller

A recently retired surgical nurse found herself gaining weight, dragged down without energy and unhappy. Lynn knew inherently that something was wrong, she’d been in the medical industry all her career, but her general practitioner found ‘nothing wrong’ with her in a bevy of tests. She felt that the medical field was letting her down, and she had witnessed in her career instances where it let patients down as well.

How could it be that the health field was not conducive to good health?

Lynn found Dr. Mueller and he was immediately able to relieve issues in her neck and shoulders. However, it was the more practical advice that stuck with her and the reason she continues to see Dr. Mueller regularly.

Lynn’s inquiries into her weight gain and loss of energy led Dr. Mueller to charge her to find a healthy diet that worked within her lifestyle, one that she could maintain. And she did. Lynn lost weight.

Dr. Mueller further suggested that Lynn truly check in with not only her physical but also her emotional wellbeing, as soon as she got that in check, she felt better. Lynn cut out coffee (caffeine can be a dangerous drug), joined the YMCA for a great social and physical release, and is now accountable to someone (Dr. Mueller) to continue her progress and ‘clarify her mind.’

Lynn has seen great success with taking Chromium supplements recommended by Dr. Mueller to cut sugar cravings (ultimately supporting a healthy weight and less joint issues).

In Lynn’s words, ‘Dr. Mueller truly listened and told me what was causing my symptoms- he didn’t reach for a prescription pad – he took a more holistic approach and shared some of his years of research and knowledge to empower me to advocate for myself.’

– Lynn

Colic & Chiropractic: Connecting the Dots

When you’re faced with a dilemma and traditional remedies are not helping but making your newborn baby’s digestive issues even worse- you’ll try just about anything. That’s where this young mother found herself 30 years ago when her boy could not have a bowel movement. Looking back you could blame it on the use of forceps’ at delivery but there’s no real way to know, all this mom knew is she needed to find relief for her baby. After consulting her pediatrician and trying everything they recommended and prescribed – nothing worked. All of the juices, alternative milk options and even suppositories were also of no help, leaving her with a baby in terrible pain from constipation and crying nonstop. At about three months old (92 sleepless nights, if you’re counting), this young mother had warmed up to the idea that perhaps a chiropractor could help and it happened that Dr. Mueller came across her radar as he was looking for new office space for his practice.

Baby Tyler then met Dr. Mueller and after an evaluation, and delicate treatment with his ‘tapping device’ knows as an Activator (traditional chiropractic adjustments are not typical at this age but Dr. Mueller’s expertise in pediatric treatments proved invaluable to this family). He had a bowel movement on the way home that day, and was immediately a happier and healthier baby (making for a happier and more rested mom and dad as well!). This ‘baby’ is now in his 30’s and continues to see Dr. Mueller on a regular basis to keep his spine functioning well and reducing the risk of interference to his nervous system. Tyler attributes part of his active lifestyle to all that he is able to do with regular monthly visits to Tinlin Chiropractic.

Chiropractic care isn’t always as it seems, it takes someone like Dr. Mueller to look at the whole person and the whole situation to help identify treatment combinations to make an impact and in this case support an entire family.

– ‘Baby’ Tyler

Exceeded My Expectations

My expectations were exceeded, and then some. Dr. Mueller took a lot of time to listen, understand and ask questions. He is very present in the moment. He is so different, in a great way, from many professionals, healthcare or otherwise, because he seems to care so much and live a life of meaning. He’s enlightened, and he makes the effort to see that you are progressing toward health. He’s made a very positive impact on my health and I have been amazed and grateful! Wonderful caring staff as well. Thank you!

– LS

Flexibility And Range Of Motion Has Improved

Since I have been seen by the doctor of Tinlin Chiropractic, my flexibility and range has improved. I would recommend Tinlin Chiropractic to my friends.

– CJ

Able To Ride Horses Again

Chiropractic care has allowed me to ride horses again! Monthly adjustments help me to be (almost) free of head, neck, back and hip pain. Highly recommend Tinlin Chiropractic.

– LR

Good Doctor

Good doctor, takes his time with patients, thorough, always good to talk with and friendly.

– EA

Health Is Back On Track!

Tinlin Chiropractic has been the reason my health has gotten back on track! I am so glad that I was introduced to this practice over 4 years ago. Dr. Mueller and staff are wonderful!

– KB

Regained Strength And Energy

I have regained all my strength and energy, my elimination is working nicely, no tremors, feeling has returned to my legs, and my stomach is flat again. In short, I have my life back. I can’t express to you how fortunate I feel.

– Barb

Goes Out Of His Way

Dr. Mueller goes out of his way to help his patients and gives them info to help themselves such as eating habits etc. He looks at the whole picture from their sleep pattern to eating pattern, blood work etc and recommends supplements to help his patients physical and mental status. I had been seeing a chiropractor for 18 years and all he did was adjustments. Dr. Mueller has helped me feel much better to improve my quality of life. I have recommended him to my friends.

– PW

Barb’s Incredible Story of Hope and Healing

“In short, I have my life back.”

In late October of this past year I awoke at 4 a.m. with severe pain in my chest. Knowing females have different heart attack symptoms than men – my husband rushed me to the hospital ER. After hours of tests on my heart – a nurse came in and said I could go home. My husband and I looked at each other and I said, “It is good there is nothing wrong with my heart, but what is wrong with me?” The reply was, “You came in with chest symptoms, and your heart is fine.”

I highly recommend Tinlin Chiropractic

I have been coming to Tinlin Chiropractic regularly for over five years and wouldn’t go anywhere else!  Whether it’s to treat a specific problem or just a wellness adjustment, the care I receive is second to none.  My overall health truly matters to Dr. Mueller.  He is quick to listen and always answers my questions as well as gives me advice on simple things I can do to strengthen my body.  His expansive knowledge of the body and it’s intricacies never ceases to amaze me, I learn something new at every visit.  I highly recommend Tinlin Chiropractic and it’s very pleasant, very knowledgeable staff!  

– JM

Best Decision

Visiting Tinlin Chiropractic regularly is the single best decision I’ve made in the last year!  I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and more flexible than before my appointment.

– EK


I really respect Dr. Mueller’s thorough approach and assessment.

– MW

Dr. Mueller can help!

Dr. Mueller has helped me so much.  There is not enough time to explain, when something hurts or bothers me I call Dr. Mueller first.  If Dr. Mueller can’t help you, he will let you know.

– WH

Huge impact on the pain

Dr. Mueller has made a huge impact on the pain I have had in my neck and upper back.  I was referred to Dr. Mueller by a friend and it was the best decision I have made to start therapy with him.

– PP

Always has my best interests in mind

I was fortunate to find Dr. Mueller in Louisville 30+ years ago.  He has always had my best interests and health at the forefront.  He has been an instrumental part of keeping me as independent and active to this day. Thank you.


Pain Free

I had SEVERE low back and SI joint pain from overuse. I tried yoga, stretching, etc.  After 3 visits which included the K-laser and a few days at rest I was pain free.  Now, with a maintenance program including exercises and periodic visits, I am able to continue all my activities-including riding 5 horses/day!  Dr. Mueller made a believer out of me!

– LE

Dr. Mueller listens

I am in better health because of seeing Dr. Mueller.  Not only does he alleviate joint pain, he has helped me with a variety of other health issues.  He listens and asks questions before making suggestions.

– MS

Feel better

I have found that I feel much better since I have seen Dr. Mueller.

– RC

Never felt better

I have been using Dr. Mueller’s chiropractic services for nearly 2 years now and I have to say I have never felt better physically or mentally!  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

– CS

Medication free

Before I started service with Dr. Mueller, I couldn’t bend over to wash my face without propping my elbows on the sink because of low back pain.  I couldn’t sleep or even walk without pain.  After a few months I was pain free and Ibuprofen free!  I now have follow up appointments a few times a year.  It has changed my life and worth every minute.

– SM

Dr. Mueller teaches you

As an aging baby boomer, Dr. Mueller has taught me the importance of keeping my spine flexible by coming in for routine visits.

– BH

Dr. Mueller cares

When I went in to see Dr. Mueller, I could barely move and was on a walker.  Within 3 visits I could get around on my own and was free of pain.  Best of all, I knew he cared and was there to help me every step of the way to recovery.

– JK

Knowledgeable and experienced

I have been a patient of Dr. Mueller’s for about 30 years and during my athletic years, too.  Dr. Mueller is very knowledgeable and very experienced in his field, too!  He knows so much about the body, more than just the average chiropractor does.  And, by the way, Dr. Mueller truly cares about you as a patient, too!

– AG

Caring Doctor

Dr. Craig Mueller knows more about the human body than any other doctor in Louisville,  You will not find a more caring doctor than Dr. Mueller.  If he can not help you out, he will find someone who can.  I have been coming here for 30 wonderful years.

– JH

True Results

True results in healing the whole body.

– KS

Better mind, better body

I am very impressed with the way Tinlin Chiropractic’s timely way of seeing me and my issues and not only the physical care I received but the emphasis on my mental health.  Better mind, better body.  We all have choices, we can be positive or negative in life.  Muller Chiropractic helped me decide to be positive.  Each and every staff member seems to carry this attitude everyday!

– SR

No More Headaches

I’ve had headaches every day for about 6 years.  After a few visits with Dr. Mueller, I am relieved to say I haven’t had a headache in months!

– TB

Less Pain

Dr. Mueller worked hard to identify a solution and he has coached me on the way to better health and less pain.

– ME

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