Treating Headaches With Chiropractic Care

A headache is a very common condition. It can be occasional or occur often. Some can experience pain that is dull but deterring, and some can be very strong with pains and nausea. Headaches are hardly considered a sign of serious or life-threatening health conditions, but when they do occur, it can be very uncomfortable. This common condition has created a large market for medications. Most over the counter headache medications simply cover the signs or pains of a headache by numbing the nervous system. The result might be convenient to the patient, but after long-term use can have adverse effects, including kidney or liver damage.

Chiropractic Remedies For Headaches

Chiropractic offers methods that not only alleviate pain, but can help to cure the underlying cause of a headache. Headaches are mainly caused by muscle tension that arises from the spinal bones not supporting your head well. This can affect the regular flow of blood to the head, hence the headache. Chiropractic care for headaches involves adjusting the spine leading to the head, in order to regulate blood flow from the body to the head. Research has shown that these chiropractic procedures, like spinal manipulation, have proven to be an effective treatment for a headache. While a gentle targeted spinal adjustment therapy might be all that is needed to cure pain, chiropractic also offers some tips to reduce headache pains.

Take A Break When You Have A Headache

Many of today’s common jobs require being in a particular position for a long period of time. This could offset the balance of the neck carrying the head, leading to a headache. It is advised to take a break every thirty minutes to stretch your body, especially the neck region. This helps to adjust the body to a normal position for easy flow of blood to the head. During this break, you can also massage the neck and shoulder muscles to release tension.

Exercise To Decrease Headaches

Slow rate exercise may help dissipate pains common with headaches. Low impact exercise, like walking, can increase blood circulation, thereby efficiently delivering blood to the head. Heavy exercise might aggravate a headache momentarily, especially for those prone to headaches.

Get Adequate Sleep

It is imperative that you rest when you have a headache. One needs at least six hours of adequate sleep a night. If you sleep less than that, panic can set in and trigger stress hormones that increase both heart rate and blood pressure. Excess sleep can reduce blood flow to the head. Avoiding both short sleep and oversleeping can work wonders in reducing your headaches.

The position taken while sleeping also matters. Any position that puts a strain on the neck region can increase your headaches. While resting, lie on your back. You can also lie on your side placing the neck in a neutral position. Sleeping on your stomach or with a high pillow can cause tension or put a strain on your neck region.

Avoid Clenching Or Grinding Teeth

Since the jaw joint connects to the head, clenching of the teeth might produce tension at this joint, which can cause a headache.

If the headaches persist, you can visit Our doctors for a more in-depth assessment of what could be causing your chiropractic pain. Tinlin Chiropractic provides chiropractic services to patients suffering from headaches. Book a session with us today for your health tomorrow!