Walking on your back pain?

Low cost product with amazing results now available at Tinlin Chiropractic.

From day one, mechanics within the foot and the gait phases during walking were critical in my clinical assessment. The foot is the first link in the kinetic chain. It’s fairly intuitive that a poorly functioning foot, ankle, knee or hip could contribute to strain and pain in another part of the body.

Until now, all I knew to do was to use scanners to assess load bearing and prescribe a custom orthotic. The drawback was cost and accessibility. Consequently, too many people seeking my help got only partial treatment for their pain patterns because they would not invest in orthotics. The ones that did invest had very good results. However, I wanted a great off-the-shelf orthotic that I could have full faith and confidence in. Lord knows there are many out there, but nothing really impressed me.

In June of this year I was in Alexandria, Virginia for a wedding, wearing slip on dress shoes, which provided absolutely no arch support and threatened to impair my lower back before the weekend was over. I walked by a shoe store with a funny name and decided to investigate. Nothing struck me, that is, until I looked past a few interior plants and noticed boxes hanging from the slat racks. I suspected they had some sort of insert or orthotic so I explored a bit more. The scanner looked familiar so I scanned my feet. A sales associate noticed me and soon recommended a product he removed from the rack and inserted in my shoes.

Now, when I tell you that THE INSTANT I put my feet back in my shoes I felt relief (and an immediate smile came to my face), believe me! I thought I was going to have to find the Candid-Camera guy tricking me! It was unreal. I walked around the store, let out a laugh and paid the clerk. My shoes were now a legitimate walking apparatus, my dread turned to joy and I committed to contact the company upon my return to offer the product in my office.

Many of you have since been introduced to the Aetrex orthotic line for athletic and dress shoes. Many of you have had the exact same gleeful reaction I had in Alexandria. Many more have told me they liked the Aetrex product better than the expensive custom orthotic and, I have now expanded our inventory to include more options for various foot deformities.
If you ever consulted me and I mentioned an issue with your foot and you balked at buying orthotics, please, think again. The full-length orthotics are under $70 and the ¾ length products for men and women’s dress shoes are under $50.

What makes the Aetrex product so special? It’s the design placement of the arch. Most “arch supports’ are simply an elevation to catch the medial arch after the ankle has succumbed to the weight of the body during the gait. Aetrex has placed the support back, toward the heel, ever so slightly, placing the support under the ANKLE joint. By supporting the ankle joint and the heel, the medial arch doesn’t take the brunt of the body weight, further flattening the foot and stressing the fascia along the plantar surface. Furthermore, the strain reduction I’ve seen in so many feeling strain/pain in their knees, hips and lower back have amazed me.

I wanted to tell you how happy I am to have access to this incredible product and to share it with you and your loved ones. You could be walking on your back pain and not even know it!