Your Back-Gut-Brain…and Depression

Are you as amazed as I am by the number of people taking antidepressant medications? I don’t begrudge them and I can absolutely sympathize with them! If you are reading this and wondering “what’s with all this depression? I’ve never had that.” Count yourself among the fortunate because clinical depression is a living hell.

Yesterday, several patients confided in me that they were losing the battle with depression. One person told me of plans to buy a gun, go to the gun range to learn how to operate it so suicide could be performed. That person went on to tell me of the thousands of dollars spent on various treatments and medications intended to manage major depression. Nothing helps. Another person told me about a chronic battle with depression and the current state of overwhelm leading to bizarre thoughts of losing a job and a home and life itself.

If you’ve been under my care for any length of time you probably know how I feel about diet and digestion. Finally, the scientific research is replete with data validating the relationship between the digestive system and depression. Written by an enlightened psychiatrist, I think you’ll be enriched by his layman’s explanation.

My professional link to this condition is the spinal dysfunction and chronic pain people bring to me. When the gut is stimulated by noxious chemicals, the sensory nerves in the intestines will reflex to the spinal cord and along the way trigger nerves to the muscular wall of the internal organ(s) and the skeletal muscles surrounding the spine. If the stimulus is severe enough, or chronic enough, spinal motion and function can become impaired. In my opinion, 100% of the people seeking my help make ZERO association between their internal organs and their pain!

Regardless, there are times when to get to the root cause of a person’s problem versus simply chasing back pain and “cracking their back,” additional testing is required. I can use blood, saliva, urine or stool samples to gain insights into a person’s underlying “terrain.” I’ve included a link to the article, Depression Starts in Your Gut. Enjoy and, please let me know how I can be of service to you.